UC Restaurant

UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery is a place to eat with the concept of a family restaurant that was established in 2018 and is always crowded by visitors, both local and international visitors. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery offers classic traditional foods and drinks that are stylized in a modern way using the best quality ingredients in its class that are created by our experienced chefs, thus making the taste of all our food & drinks unique and delicious, so it is suitable for all visitors. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery has a favorite menu of “BEBEK TUNGKU” or called “Grilled Duck in red pot “, this duck dish goes through a very long process that is by using 20 types of herbs typical of Bali that have health benefits. Then it is traditionally cooked using a furnace made of clay which takes more than 3 hours to make the marinade penetrate deeply. We have other foods like Indonesian food, Asian food, Western food, Vegetarian food and many more. In addition to the main course, we also make and sell bakery & pastry which is always fresh from the oven every day by using the best quality ingredients in its class.

UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery has five areas such as Cafe Area with a capacity for 30 pax, UC Lounge Bakery capacity for 65 pax, UC Dining Area capacity for 250 pax, UC Wedding Hall capacity for 130 pax, and UC Meeting Room capacity for 35 pax. For our restaurant located on the 3rd floor with a different atmosphere surrounded by beautiful natural atmosphere and there is a fish pond with a modern interior design, also equipped with unique sculptures for taking photos. As for the UC café located on the 1st floor, the location is right in front of the entrance of the UC Silver Gold jewelry gallery. The price of food & drinks in our restaurant & cafe is quite affordable, with a very spacious place, instagramable and has beautiful natural scenery, very suitable for use as a place of events such as family gatherings, social gathering, birthday celebrations, weddings, private meeting, romantic dinner, etc. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery also has regular events that we can enjoy, such as watching together soccer games & GP motor, Writing Competition, Photography Workshop, drawing & coloring contest and many more which are held once a month.