In 1989, UC Silver & Gold started as a small silver jewelry workshop specializing in unique and unusual designs. Our name, “UC Silver & Gold“, stands for “Ubud Corner Silver & Gold“, Bali, Indonesia, where our first office was located. Our logo, the strong red circle surrounded by cirle lines, represents the four Balinese brothers who created the legacy that is UC Silver & Gold. To this day, we are honored to welcome customers from arround the world to experience true Balinese style jewelry and expert craftsmanship with UC Silver & Gold.

There are million questions popping up about what makes UC Silver growing so rapidly. It is simply because of the combination of four different pillars that make a great solid-strength and perfect. These four basic principles are the foundation that we can always count on to run this life in which we will always apply to any business that we do. These four principles are as follow :

  • To get involved in maintaining and preserving the culture that has been handed down to us.
  • The kinship systems that unite us in every aspect.
  • The courage in taking initiative and bold steps to become the best and foremost.
  • To always strive to provide happiness and to love others and the universe, so that they can feel the equal happiness in life too.

Grasping tightly to these basic principles inspired and made a solid structure on the development of UC Silver business. These four pillars are also what inspired the four brothers’ figure behind the success of UC Silver. Although each of these pillars has different advantages, they never neglect the vow to reach the ultimate goal, to promote UC Silver to become the famous Indonesian local brand that has a name in the eyes of the world.