UC Silver Gold, located on Jl. Raya Batubulan Gg. Candrametu No.1 Batubulan, Gianyar has been operating since 1989. UC Silver Gold has the largest silver & gold manufacturing in Bali, with huge selections of sterling silver jewelry in the gallery. So, it is very easy for the customers who wants to visit and see the process of making jewelry in a traditional manner by focusing on handmade techniques. This is the first step in fostering a sense of customers confidence that all the products we made are handmade and have a quality that exceeds the standard of 92.5 sterling silver. The unique jewelry design made by UC Silver Gold that combines modern designs with authentic Bali designs has penetrated the markets of Asia, United States, Australia and Europe.

The UC Silver Gold jewelry collection is inspired by the exotic dragonfly with our own philosophy of “Sweet Dragonfly” in every designs that we make. Sweet Dragonfly is our trademark, symbolizing a mysterious dragonfly that has a passion for life and benefits all living things in the world. We made a special collection of Sweet Dragonfly because we believe that Sweet Dragonfly is able to add an aura of beauty of the jewelry users. By having a collection of Sweet Dragonfly jewelry, we are excited to grow a soul that loves nature as a place to live and all living things are alive, as well as being the basis for protecting ecosystems so they don’t change or disappear. Living environmentally friendly for the sake of the beauty of the universe, as Sweet Dragonfly beautifies nature as nature gives us life. In addition for making & selling jewelry that can be worn on the body, UC Silver Gold also makes & sells silver home decor.


We have tagline “I Am Unique”, and therefore all the designs that we make are all very unique and of course different from the others. The advantages possessed by UC Silver Gold compared to other jewelry companies in Bali that is, certainly the design is very unique and different from other designs in general. Besides that, every purchase of silver & gold jewelry will get an official UC Silver Gold certificate. The certificate can later be used as a form of guarantee claim that is valid for 1 year. With our experiences and staffs who are very competent in their fields and the sophistication of our technology, it is very easy for customers who want to repair jewelry if there is any damage during the guarantee period is still valid with a processing time of 2-3 working days. In addition, we also accept work on “custom jewelry”, i.e. customers can make jewelry according to their own desires. UC Silver Gold has a very extensive gallery, and has complete facilities and very friendly service from every UC Silver Gold staffs. So that it is very easy for customers to visit and shop at UC Silver Gold very freely and comfortably in choosing jewelry.

In today’s digital era, we are well aware that selfie activities have become everyone’s needs and are part of everyone’s journey. Therefore we facilitate a “selfie spots” in the area of ​​our jewelry gallery, ranging from sculpture, stone carvings and much more all at UC Silver Gold. We have two jewelry gallery floors, on the first floor there is a silver collection and the second floor there is a gold collection & masterpiece design. We implemented the first “Open Case Jewelry” system in Bali, because we are not only wanted customers to shop but also had an unforgettable experience in shopping for jewelry which is usually identical to the old display shopping system. With the “Open Case Jewelry” system, customers can see, hold and try our own jewelry to create unforgettable experiences, because we believe, this way the customer will feel comfortable in making their own choices. UC Silver Gold also has a wholesale and accepts shipping worldwide.