UC Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi

In 2018, UC Silver Gold inaugurated his work “The Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum” which broke MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) with register number 8730 as the heaviest and largest pure 925 sterling silver statue in Indonesia. The Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Masterpiece is made of 720 kilograms of pure 925 sterling silver and worked for 5 years. Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi has a size of 20 meters long, 1.35 meters wide and 1.8 meters heigth. The spectacular work of the Naga Silver statue was conceived and conceptualized by I Nyoman Eriawan and worked with UC Silver Gold artisans. Overall, the Naga Sanga Statue is done only by hand combined with traditional Balinese inlay techniques. The Naga Sanga statue main process began on March 12, 2013, and was successfully completed on September 21, 2018.

This Silver Dragon Statue has 9 heads that are related to each other, in addition to reflecting the art or artistic value contained therein, the number 9 also reflects the meaning of togetherness in life. Among the Balinese Hindu community, the number 9 symbolizes the nine cardinal directions, which have a reflection of the 9 Gods in Bali in maintaining harmony in life on earth. As a new tourist destination in Bali, the Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum wants everyone to feel the power of this spectacular pure 925 sterling silver dragon. In the Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum, there is not only the masterpiece, but also various kinds of animal replicas from elephants, pigs and many more. Then there are also chunks of natural gemstones that we have brought from foreign countries, historical relics of the kingdom of Bali in ancient times which have the function to help smooth the daily life made of pure silver. In addition we also have a variety of brides who use traditional clothing from various regions in Indonesia in the form of sculptures. Because the Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum wants to invite everyone who visits it to learn while playing. In addition, the Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum also wants to provide new facilities in Bali, namely tourist destinations that educate and provide unforgettable experiences. You can contact local Bali Tour Operator to drive you here and experience the amazing Silver Dragon Statue!