About Us
Uc Silver Gold Gallery
UC Silver Gold, located on Jl. Raya Batubulan Gg. Candrametu No.1 Batubulan, Gianyar has been operating since 1989. UC Silver Gold has the largest silver & gold manufacturing plant in Bali, and with huge selections of sterling silver jewelry in the shop gallery. So it is very easy for customers who want to visit and see first hand the process of making jewelry in a traditional manner by focusing on handmade techniques. The unique jewelry design made by UC Silver Gold that combines modern designs with authentic Bali designs has penetrated the markets of Asia, the United States, Australia and Europe.
UC Restaurant
UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery is a place to eat with the concept of a family restaurant that was established in 2018 and always crowded by visitors, both local and international visitors. UC Restaurant Cafe & Bakery offers classic traditional foods and drinks that are stylized in a modern way using the best quality ingredients in its class that are created by our experienced chefs, thus making the taste of all our food & drinks unique and delicious, so it is suitable for all visitors. We have Indonesian, Asian, Western, Vegetarian foods and many more. In addition to the main course, we also make and sell bakery & pastry which is always fresh from the oven every day by using the best quality ingredients in its class.
Naga Sanga Amurwhabumi
In 2018, UC Silver Gold inaugurated his work ``The Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Museum`` which broke MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) with register number 8730 as the heaviest and largest pure 925 sterling silver statue in Indonesia. The Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi Masterpiece is made of 720 kilograms of pure 925 sterling silver and worked for 5 years. Naga Sanga Amurwabhumi has a size of 20 meters long, 1.35 meters wide and 1.8 meters height. The spectacular work of the Naga Silver statue was conceived and conceptualized by I Nyoman Eriawan and worked with UC Silver Gold artisans. Overall, the Naga Sanga Statue is done only by hand combined with traditional Balinese inlay techniques. The Naga Sanga statue main process began on March 12, 2013, and was successfully completed on September 21, 2018.